Are you looking for a rattan specialist? If so, you have come to the right place.
We started out manufacturing tools for cutting rattan and a few years later with the construction of associated machinery.

Following which, in the middle of the 60’s, we started cutting rattan ourselves and producing semi-finished products, such as rattan core, flat oval core, etc. We are able to guarantee a high quality due to the knowledge we have gained from more than 40 years of production.

Natural Rattan is derived from the rattan palm, Calamus rattan, of which there are 600 different species. Each species has its own specific characteristics. The rattan palm grows mainly in the (sub)tropics, and the long lianas (vines) grow from tree to tree. Palm rattan cannot normally survive without trees.

Rattan comes in many different sizes, both natural and skinned. The thicker species, such as manau for example, will often be used for making furniture frames, while thinner types will be used for making the old, well-known carpet beaters and baskets, while even thinner species can be used for the braiding used in the backs and seats of (terrace) chairs and small wickerwork.

When the skin of the natural stick is removed, this is called rattan core. Rattan core lends itself very well to being cut into thinner types, and into different profiles – its flexibility is ideal for uncompromised weaving.

We supply a wide range of natural materials from stock to/for:

  • Craft chair makers
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Blind institutions
  • Designers
  • Education
  • Occupational therapy
  • Hobby sector
  • Beekeepers
  • Interior designers
  • Basket weavers
  • Furniture industry
  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Restaurateurs

In particular, we work with the following materials:

If the material that you require is not listed, you can send us an email, preferably with a picture of the material you are looking for. We may use a different name to you.